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Seeking a position where I can combine my capabilities with electronics, design, testing, problem solving, management, and computer skills to develop and enhance products, improve productivity and ensure Quality.




Accomplished, computer fluent electronic engineer.  Extensive experience in diverse engineering disciplines -- product/equipment design, controls, process, testing, and Quality.  A highly proficient problem solver, practical and conceptual.  Excellent communication and presentation skills for reporting, briefing and customer relations.




FLEXTRONICS, INCORPORATED; Youngsville, NC                                                                                   2000-2003

EMC Test Engineer, NARTE certified

Conducted Electromagnetic Compatibility testing, Managed the Quality system, maintained calibration on all instruments, created customer quotes for testing and services.


·    Designed and constructed NEBS GR-1089-CORE tester which subjected telecom devices up to 1000 Volts AC and 60 Amps to test for fault tolerance.  Designed and built other instruments, fixtures and devices to facilitate testing.


VITRAMON, INCORPORATED; Monroe, CT                                                                                                     1991-2000

Manager of Quality Assurance

Oversaw quality management for plants in the U.S., Germany and Israel.  Planned, organized and controlled facets of administration, manufacturing operations and quality assurance functions for manufacturer of ceramic capacitors.


·   Led project to achieve ISO-9000 registration and later QS-9000 for the Quality System.  Extended registration to include second US and Israel plants.  Maintained highest quality in industry.


COMPUTERWISE ELECTRONICS, INCORPORATED; Arden, NC                                                             1988-1991

Project Manager/Consultant, Registered Professional Engineer

Consulted with industrial clients in engineering, process control, circuit design, quality control, data acquisi­tion/analysis, system installation, programming, and networks.


·   Developed a PC-based system to gather data and analyze performance capabilities of freezer units for final acceptance.  Reports included a performance summary for pull-down rate, ultimate temperature, power loss recovery, temperature control deviation, and a graph of actual temperature throughout a 24 hour test sequence.  Capacity was 48 units tested simultaneously with arbitrary start times.  Implemented noise filtering to extract cycle performance from random temperature perturbations.


CORNING ELECTRONICS; Raleigh, NC                                                                                                            1963-1988

Project Manager/Senior Engineer, 1976-1988

Led project initiatives in quality control, process control, product design, calibration, system installation, data acquisition and analysis.  Reviewed, approved, and consolidated expenses and capital equipment budgets; established cost controls.


·   Designed a digital control system using commercial measurement instruments for automatic measurement, sorting, binning, and counting of acceptable and rejected ceramic capacitors for use in a final inspection application.  One parameter required multiple high-voltage charging stations preceding a nanoampere measurement station as parts were advanced mechanically along a conveyer.  A second unit was developed for use as a production tester with high speed handling equipment.  The systems were designed to be highly resistant to conducted and radiated electrical interference in a factory environment. 

Senior Engineer/Designer, 1963-1976

Designed electronic components and test equipment for networks, circuits, modules, and PC boards.


·    Implemented Final Inspection department for RF modules with attention to precise measurement of RF level and gain, noise figure, spurious outputs.  Designed test fixtures, acquired test equipment and trained personnel.  Assisted in the design and layout of modules to be manufactured.


·    Developed a system for temperature coefficient testing of ceramic capacitors, including chamber fixtures.  Considerations included minimizing and compensating stray capacitance to achieve required accuracy, reliable contacts over the temperature range, and verification of end to end calibration.  Setup, calibration, data collection, and analysis were computer controlled. The system delivered consistent long term accuracy and reliable operation with ease of part mounting and semiautomatic test cycling.  The accuracy, test capacity, and ease of use were each improved by several hundred percent over previous methods.


·   Assisted in the design of a prototype remote computer work station.  When tested on a telephone link, line noise and adjacent machinery prohibited operation.  Successfully implemented noise immunity features that permitted error-free operation under all service conditions.


RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA; Camden, NJ                                                                                      1959-1963

Design Engineer, Aerospace Electronics

Designed FM telemetry transmitters (patented) for Ranger, Gemini and DynaSoar spacecraft, and other RF devices.


·    Designed and patented a crystal-controlled wide band FM modulator for aerospace video and telemetry applications.  The modified versions were used on Ranger, Gemini, and a prototype Space Shuttle.  Met NASA requirements for radiated and conducted RF emissions.





                                                   NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY; Raleigh, NC

                      Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Communications and Industrial Control, 1959

                                                          Post Graduate at University of Pennsylvania, 1961

Statistic, Data Structures, SPC, DOE, QS-9000, Management Quality - Continuing education