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Park history and details
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Medoc Mountain, home to a boy scout camp in the 1920's,  is not really a mountain at all; its highest point reaches an elevation of only 325 feet above sea level. It is the core of what was once a mighty range of mountains.  Medoc Mountain is all that remains after millions of years of erosion. The eroded peaks were formed by volcanic action during the Paleozoic Age, about 350 million years ago.

The mountain was once the property of Sidney Weller, a noted farmer and educator, who used the area for the cultivation of grapes in the 19th century. Weller produced a highly acclaimed wine known as Weller's Halifax and is credited with developing the American system of grape culture and winemaking.  Weller named the mountain "Medoc," after a province in the Bordeaux region of France famous for its vineyards.  Later, in the 1920's, the Boy Scouts built a camp at the summit of the mountain.

Some of the animals that may be seen on and around Medoc Mountain include the nocturnal southern flying squirrel (nests in tree cavities in the forests), opossums, gray foxes, white-tailed deer,  river otter, muskrat and beaver. 

Little Fishing Creek is considered to be one of the cleanest streams in the state. Available game fish, include redbreast sunfish, bluegill, Roanoke bass, largemouth bass and chain pickerel; current fishing license required.

The park has two group campsites which accommodate up to 30 persons each and contain picnic tables and fire circles. The washhouse is located near the group camping area.  Group camping season opens on March 16.

Medoc Mountain State Park is located in Halifax County, 21 miles southwest of Roanoke Rapids, 23 miles north of Rocky Mount and 26 miles northeast of Louisburg.

Maneuvers From St. Timothy's
1:  Start out going Southeast on SIX FORKS RD toward ROWAN ST. 0.7 miles
2:  Merge onto I-440 E/US-1 N via the ramp- on the left. 2.1 miles
3:  Merge onto US-401 N via exit number 11 toward WAKE FOREST/LOUISBURG. 28.2 miles
4:  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto NC-561/JUSTICE ST. Continue to follow NC-561. 25.9 miles
5:  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto NC-4/NC-561. ~1.0 miles
6:  Turn RIGHT onto NC-1322. <0.1 miles
7:  End at Park Entrance
Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 31 minutes Total Est. Distance: ~58 miles

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