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Security Systems for the Estate

Providing Security Systems for estates, large properties, and commercial sites.

Adapticom specializes in low-cost IP Video Surveillance.  We install one or more wired or wireless "LAN Cams" at a site and provide the user with a password protected website on our server, at which the images and streaming video can be viewed.

While popular "web cams" provide images to other Internet users as one sits at the PC, our LAN Cam's allow password authorized viewing of your home/business/construction site, driveway/parking lot, your employees, your pets (literally anywhere you want to point a camera), from any location, via computer with an Internet connection.  LAN cams are quite functionally different from "web cams".  Our LAN cams do not require any attachment to a PC and have convenient capabilities allowing automatic transmission of images, video, and even sound away from the local site to servers residing on the Internet. 

Additionally, there are numerous other features that can be implemented, such as motion detection, pre-roll, integration of standard video cameras into the network, etc.  Adapticom systems do not require fixed IP addresses or other features that may incur additional costs from your broadband provider.  While our systems operate best with access via cable, DSL, or better, it is also possible for us to install low-bandwidth configurations which will work with standard dial-up.

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