Homework Task Force - St. Timothy's School

Revision "D" 03/09/03

Topics Under Consideration

  1. Homework Load Leveling

  2. Categorizing student workload
    1. activities effectively done in the home environmeent
    2. activities best done in the classroom environment

  3. use of technology to improve homework tasks

  4. How are the teachers and the general curriculum currently evaluated?

  5. An "org" chart indicating responsibilities would be helpful.

  6. An online syllabus is required; one with links would be helpful.

  7. Is St. Timothy's a school for the gifted or a family school?

  8. Paragraph comprehension timed tests should be implemented.

  9. Eval form sent out twice per year.

  10. individual class web pages
  11. Evaluate use of computers in assignments
  12. Spend more time in class (rather than home) teaching learning skills.
  13. If work must come home it should be basic skills, i.e. math, reading, spelling, science.
  14. Daily Homework
  15. - Flexibility to do homework
  16. Post homework on internet
  17. Post homework on Thurs/Fri for following week
  18. Allow multiple days to finish 2 weeks to read 5 stories. Projects

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