Committee:  Honors Reading / Library

   The Honors Reading /Library committee has two basic functions. 

   The Honors reading portion is responsible for ordering t-shirts for each student who completes the program (the chair person should take care of this) and hosting the honors reading picnic to be held in May.  The past three years I have organized, planned and bought all items  necessary for the lunch.  I just found it easier this way. However, another chair may choose to have volunteers purchase some items as well.  Volunteers will be needed on the day of the picnic to help set up, escort children to and from classrooms, supervise children on the playground, help serve food, and clean up.  I had eight parents this year for this event.

   The Library portion of this committee assists Mrs. Shaffer in the library with various tasks-mainly shelving books.  This year our committee packed up the old library and set up the new library by unpacking boxes and reshelving all of the books.  We were unable to finish because not all of the shelves were delivered.  We are currently still waiting. Therefore, nest year additional boxes of books may need to be unpacked and shelved.  I tried to schedule  one volunteer a week to work.  The best time is after drop-off.  Usually, volunteers could stay for approximately one hour, however this would vary depending on each person's schedule.  There were some on my list who only wanted to help with the lunch and not work in the library.  This could possibly be an issue when people sign up for this committee(will they want to do summer reading, honors, and library?).  I had  3-4 very reliable people who were willing to assist in the library this year that were on my list.  Under normal circumstances this would probably be enough, however with the school move this year I had to recruit some other willing  parents!

  The honors reading  portion of this committee will occur in May and involve approximately 11/2-2 hours during the lunch time hour.  The library part will occur all year and involve approximately 1 hour per week, every other week, or monthly depending  on each person's schedule.