Kevin Schilf




                        Twelve years diversified electronic design experience coupled with four years leadership and project management as an US Air Force officer.  Designed, debugged, and delivered designs ranging from small embedded processor cards to complex SONET and IP router processing cards.  Strengths include written and oral presentation skills.



                        Consultant.  Digital Telesis, Wake Forest, NC                        6/04 – Present

                        Consulted on PCI-Express HDTV video card design.  Consulted on autonomous bus research program.  Designed high-speed data path Verilog FPGA (Xilinx) for radar processing engine.  Performed timing analysis / board simulation and wrote Verilog test bench for customers data-path FPGA (Xilinx) on next generation router blade.  Wrote Verilog data-path FPGA (Xilinx) in RF telemetry system.  Consulted on implementation of multi-channel JPEG video system in Xilinx FPGA.  Wrote DO-178 compliant micro-controller code (PIC 18F6620) for real-time bleed air control system.  Wrote DO-254 compliant VHDL test bench (Xilinx FPGA).

                        Field Application Engineer.  Insight Electronics, Raleigh, NC                        10/03 – 06/04

                        Local technical expert for internal sales team and external design customers.  Reviewed customer system and board designs.  Provided design guidance and issue resolution.  Wrote microcontroller configuration scripts and Verilog modules for customers.  Taught daylong seminars and informal training - Xilinx FPGA implementation, high-speed board layout and decoupling, and DSP filtering.


                        Consultant.  Digital Telesis, Wake Forest, NC                        12/01 – 10/03

                        Designed multi-card data acquisition system using floating point DSP, FPGA (wrote Verilog code), and 24-bit data converters.  Reverse-engineered firmware for embedded 8051 microcontroller. Wrote firmware for embedded PIC microcontroller.  Performed Voice over IP access device design review for client.  Created client feasibility study for a custom alarm system.  Created client feasibility study for an embedded point of sale computer system.


                        Design Engineer.  Alcatel USA, Raleigh, NC                        11/99 – 11/01

                        Designed test card to validate clock distribution and recovery scheme for next generation Digital Loop Carrier.  Wrote Verilog code to handle inter-ASIC communication and proprietary serial bus.  Provided early board and system verification for a Lucent prototype framer/mapper/multiplexer ASIC.  Analyzed and solved intermittent data loss problem with two previously fielded DS2 multiplexer cards preventing recall.  Mentored junior engineers in Analog Workbench.


                        Staff Engineer.  MedAcoustics, Incorporated, Raleigh, NC                        1/99 – 10/99

                        Joined medical imaging startup.  Built and debugged a 24-bit data acquisition system to detect the acoustic signature of turbulent blood flow associated with coronary artery disease.  Designed multiple printed circuit boards including a power control module based on a PIC microcontroller.  Responsible for a myriad of system integration, user acceptance, manufacturing, and compliance issues.


                        Motherboard Lead Engineer.  International Business Machines, Raleigh, NC                        6/96 – 1/99

                        Began as I/O subsystem design engineer, promoted to motherboard lead design engineer

                        Co-responsible for overall logic and physical design of the motherboard.  Delivered production-ready Pentium II motherboard within budget and in unprecedented nine months, twenty-five percent reduction in time.  Designed PCI audio subsystem used on two motherboards.  Designed voltage regulator subsystem.  Designed and tested two riser cards installed in several personal computers.

                        Teaching Assistant.  Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA                        9/95 – 3/96

                        Managed the senior design lab, “Interfacing Small Computers.”  Designed and debugged several interrupt and DMA driven personal computer peripherals using the Xilinx 4003A FPGA, ViewLogic, and Xilinx design tools.


                        Engineering Officer.  United States Air Force, Edwards Air Force Base, CA                        6/91 – 11/94

                        Handpicked for the B-2A Advanced Technology Bomber Program.  Performed maintainability and reliability analysis of radar, navigation, and flight management computer code (J73 Jovial, FORTRAN, and 80x86 assembly).  Prepared and briefed reports to the Department of Defense.


                        Engineering Officer.  United States Air Force, Beale Air Force Base, CA                        6/90 – 6/91

                        Designed $100,000 electrical renovation of Base Commander's building.  Managed $150,000 control system upgrade for base water distribution system.


                        M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA                        6/96

                        B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC                        5/89

                        B.S. in Computer Science, Duke University, Durham, NC                        5/89

skills:                80x86, ADSP21xx, 68HC11, 8051, PIC Assembly; C; Analog WorkBench, LabView, SPICE; Allegro, Concept, OrCAD, ViewLogic; Matlab, DSP; Verilog, VHDL, FPGA; oscilloscopes, logic and spectrum analyzers, time domain reflectometer

MEMBER:                Audio Engineering Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers