Multi-Source Energy Systems

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Adapticom has designed and prototyped portions of a multi-source energy system which uses multiple fuel sources to supply HVAC and power to a site at rates less than those found in single source or less robust multi-source systems.

The Adapticom system utilizes Time Of Use (TOU) programs offered by electrical utilities, in combination with other sources of energy, such as natural gas, & solar.

While it is quite common to find sites with access to multiple energy sources, most commonly electricity and natural gas, the use of these resources within the site is typically as an "either / or" implementation. For instance, it is common to find sites with heating provided by natural gas, and cooling provided by electricity. What happens, however, when the cost of gas spikes and it becomes more economical to heat with electricity or when electricity becomes expensive and it becomes economically feasible to satisfy electrical demand from gas powered generators. In most of today's implementations, no mechanism exists to adjust to such events.

Adapticom works with contractors to design in, either during initial site planning, or as retro-fit, the ability to switch fuel supplies based on current availability and market prices.

General Approach
Our first step is to identify the potential fuel supplies for the site. Typically we try and utilize the three most economical options:

  1. Electricity (expensive)
  2. Electricity (economical)
  3. Natural Gas
  4. Stored Gas (propane tank)
  5. Fuel Oil
  6. Gasoline

Since every site requires

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