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C. McCord has extensive experience in the computer / electronics industry and has served as a consultant and vendor / contractor throughout the '90's.

As a successful and highly sought-after consultant, Mr. McCord is typically engaged repetitively or for extended periods by his clients.  Equally at home in the engineering lab, engaged in debug, or in the boardroom presenting Gantt charts, Mr. McCord provides a unique mix of skills that provide value in any engineering related environment.

U.S. travel is not a problem; coast-to-coast trips to trade shows and meetings, sometimes with only short notice, followed by detailed written reports are a good examples of typical activities.  Whether your organization has found itself short of a mid-level manager or a senior member of the technical staff, Mr. McCord can fill that void.  A fast reader and a "quick learn", Mr. McCord can enter a project mid-stream and come up to speed overnight.  When the technical expertise does not exist within your company to continue moving a project forward, as well as attending a meeting with a new client in Altanta, Mr McCord can fill that void.

While often categorized under the term "computer consultant", Mr. McCord has much broader capabilities which include most segments of the electronics field.  Projects involving complex digital design, industrial controls, test equipment, RF communication, LAN, 802.11b, VoIP, IP video surveillance, FPGA design, FPGA security, IP security, project management, all fall within his level of expertise.

A background in the martial arts, both Shotokan Karate and Tae Kwon Do (currently 1st Kub ), provide Mr. McCord with a level of discipline and confidence sufficient to handle all obstacles and challenges.

Well known clients have included:

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