Resume of C. McCord Troubleshooter

troubleshooter, IP Video Surveillance, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP
P.O. Box 91462, Raleigh, NC 27675
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Engineer with current experience in Web Design, Graphic Design, digital logic and system design, discrete logic and FPGAs.  Software / admin. experience with "C"/"C++" and Perl in Linux/Unix/AIX and Windows environments.  Extensive experience in building and designing web sites and html documents since 1995, using both HTML and JavaScript.  Expert at optimizing web page HTML to obtain improved search engine rankings.  Have completed numerous projects in which HTML was the exclusive form of documentation.  Currently administering a server farm at Adapticom, Inc. which serves up all the engineering documentation for Net2Phone's hardware development.  Experienced with dealing in Intranet/Extranet/Internet environments as well as techniques for password protecting sites and otherwise limiting access.  Possess, and work frequently with, Adobe Photoshop (7.0.1) and Photodeluxe (various versions).  Competent in networking, both Wan and Lan; currently manage DNS servers and multiple domains.  Recent experience with developing documentation with digital images, both "still" and video, resulting in a video CD or other downloadable files as an end product.  Excellent communications and teamwork skills, along with great references. 
Jun. 2001 to present
Adapticom Inc.,
P.O. Box 91461 Raleigh, NC 27675-1461 919-870-0608
Design and integration of HTML based documentation and archival system to securely store and display Net2Phone intellectual property for use by design team members in Spain, France, Taiwan, and the US.  Maintained both secure and public sections of site. Graphical design of advertising layouts using Adobe Photodeluxe and Photoshop (currently published in Jan. 2003 issue of "North Carolina Symphony Magazine").  HTML creation and editing done primarily with raw HTML source, but also comfortable with WYSIWYG tools.  Design and implementation of Adapticom server farm, including firewalls, DMZ, and other security techniques.  Initial electrical design, raw PCB layout, fabrication and prototype builds.
802.11b, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP

Nov. 1999 to Jan. 2001
Net2Phone Inc.,
Hackensack, NJ

Consulting Engineer; provided HTML documentation for explanation of telephony standards and protocols, along with general industry references.  Duties included investigation of IP telephony possibilities over cable and telephone systems, attendance at trade shows and evaluation of telephony products, and interfacing with Net2Phone business partners.
802.11b, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP

Nov. 1997 to Nov. 1998
Adapticom, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Web Page Design; duties included: Creation of mirror pages for various national and local customers with the goal of improved search engine ranking.  Utilized "Web Position Gold" along with custom proprietary software to measure ranking performance and create HTML reports.
802.11b, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP

Feb. 1995 to Jan. 2000
IBM Corp., Dept. 2S9, Server Performance Analysis,
Research Triangle Park, NC.

Contract Engineer; duties included: project management and documentation of RTS (Realtime Trace System).  Implemented HTML documentation system on the IBM intranet, including document conversions, graphics design. Also completed Sub-system, module, and gate level design of realtime high speed (166 MHz) digital systems utilizing Actel and Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Arrays , Verilog, Vhdl, Synopsys, ModelSim, Synplicity, and Viewlogic schematic capture.  System level design of realtime high speed digital systems capable of collecting data at 1600 mbytes/second.
802.11b, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP

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