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Which is the best blow dryer for hair?

Dedicated to conducting unbiased testing and publishing unbiased revues on the performance of blow dryers for hair.

This site came about because of the difficulty experienced in purchasing blow dryers that provide good performance. The packaging and promotional material for the dryers simply does not contain sufficient information for a consumer to draw accurate conclusions regarding how the blowdryer will perform.

The original idea came from a 5th grade science project at St. Timothy's School in Raleigh North Carolina, and we would like to give them credit. We enhanced the concept, conducted further tests and have published the materials on this site. Unlike many of the other sites that "claim" to review blowdryers, we actually do just that. Each blow dryer is placed in a test fixture and identical measurements are made on each one. We have no loyalty or allegiance to any manufacturer and simply want to provide the public with the best possible information with which to make their blow dryer purchase.

While we have an extensive list of measurements which we wish to collect and features we wish to test, our latest round of testing focused on seven characteristics.

Each Blowdryer is tested for:

  1. Blower Output

  2. Heat Output

  3. Free Standing Air Velocity

  4. Free Standing Air Temperature
The following measurements are collected on each blowdryer:
  1. Weight

  2. Size (l x h x w)

  3. Cost

Blower Output
The most heavily weighted factor in our judgement of blow dryers is the ability to move air.  Too many times has our family brought home what we felt would be a good blowdryer, only to be dissappointed in the overall "blowing capacity".  We have developed our own custom test fixture in which we test every model.  A free-standing velocity meter and thermometer is also used to double check our measurements.

Heat Output While in our general experience, we felt heat output was adequate on most models, we felt it beneficial to quantify this feature as well.  Temperature measurements were made from our test fixture and also during our "free standing" measurements.

As a control to guard against the Heisenberg effect manifestations within our test fixture, we also conducted "free standing" velocity tests in which a digital velocity meter was fixed in the center of the stream, six inches from the mouth of the blow dryer.

Free Standing Air Temperature
During our "free standing" tests temperature was measured from the center of the stream at a distance of six inches from the mouth of the hair dryer.

The weight is collected in grams to an accuracy of +/- one gram.

Size (l x h x w)
The length, height, and width are recorded in inches.

The cost of purchase is recorded in USD.

Our recent results can be found at:
Hair dryer Testing Results, detailing the rankings of recently tested hair dryers.

New Product Development information available at:

New Product Development, Informational Page

Comments to:

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