Directions to view the 3-D model files:

Revision "C"

You must have software to view 3-D files. Free software may be obtained by executing #1 below.

If you open the URL listed below using Internet Explorer, the plug-in will begin downloading automatically. If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer, follow the directions on the page.

  1. Go the following URL to download the SpinFire Reader plug-in:

  2. After the plug-in is installed, using Internet Explorer, click on the URL pointing to your .3D file.

  3. The 3-D model  will display.

  4. Press the toggle button and arrows (located below the ‘Actify SpinFireReader 2004’ logo) to rotate the 3-D model and to view the model from various angles.

If you use AOL to access the Internet, or use other browsers (i.e. Mozilla, Netscape, etc.), you will likely need to pick the "full install" option from the Spinfire Reader page.  Save the .3D file to your computer and try reading it from there.  If that also fails, you may have to download our zipped version (to maintain file integrity) and unzip it, then load it.